Use LinkedIn When You’re Not Looking for a Job

I was rarely able to find an opportunity until it had ceased to be one.”

I had a friend say ,”I do not have to use LinkedIn since I am not searching for employment.”

That is a misunderstanding of LinkedIn.

Sure, It is good for recruiters and job seekers. With more than 200 million consumers, you NEED to be there in the event that you would like any type of credibility that is expert.

Nonetheless, it’s fantastic for much more than simply job searching.

There Are opportunities all on this system for demonstrating your credibility enlarging your achieve having somebody think of you which you did not even know is available.

I will discuss 4 reasons to use LinkedIn if you are not searching for employment, Now.

Rationale 1: Produce (along with OWN) Your Own Digital Footprint

You need to assume the very first thing they are likely to do back in their desk, you meet somebody new.

What’s up?

Hopefully it is your LinkedIn profile which reflects you as an expert (you may check out mine here).

If Maybe not (and you are not alone, most of us have a rancid profile) Spend only 10 minutes now and upgrade 1 place (I suggest beginning with your photograph or headline).

Rationale 2: Establish Credibility

LinkedIn Is a wonderful spot to assemble evidence about why you’re such a specialist that is fantastic, also establishes your credibility.

The issue is many folks don’t be worried about amassing this societal proof till they’re in desperate demand (aka, job hunting ).

I Have a buddy who had been laid off because of a reorganization in her business. I phoned her to find out how she was doing and that she had 4 interviews.


She’d done an wonderful job of establishing credibility.

She’d over 20 recommendations that are written highlighting how.

She uploaded a few of her work there and had created a website and connected it.

And It took some time, If she achieved to allow her community understand she looked and that she had people.

What do you do to establish your own credibility?

Start By asking only 1 individual Recommendation for you. Recommendations may come from individuals Who admire your job and you.

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